Agent Bank

As an impartial third party, we play a crucial role in bridging the gap between the borrower and the lenders, ensuring that all parties in a syndicated loan transaction are protected in line with the documented agreements throughout the life of the syndicated loan.

What it offers you:

  • Corporates take advantage of the following services based on transaction dynamics which includes but not limited to the following:

Transaction monitoring for:

    • Fulfilment of conditions precedent.
    • Fulfilment of conditions subsequent
    • Covenant compliance
    • Information undertaking

Acting as distribution channel for funds to:

    • The borrower via a drawdown notice
    • The lenders via a repayment of capital or interest due
    • Fees remittance for transaction parties

Coordination of the transaction parties as it relates to:

    • Change in loan terms/ conditions
    • Partial sell down
    • Onboarding a new party
    • Exiting an existing member of the syndicate

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