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Agent Bank

As an impartial third party, we play a crucial role in bridging the gap between the borrower and the lenders, ensuring that all parties in a syndicated loan transaction are protected in line with the documented agreements throughout the life of the syndicated loan.


Escrow Agent

As the escrow agency, we perform the third-party role and hold an asset or document on behalf of a first-party for delivery to a second-party or beneficiary upon the occurrence of a condition or event specified in the escrow agreement.


Security Trustee

We hold, in trust, the collateral documents presented by contracting parties in any project or debt financing transaction. When the finance transaction is successfully completed, the trust is dissolved and the assets are returned to the borrower.


Employee share option plan

We manage and administer schemes in which a corporate entity allocates some of its shares to some members of staff who have been instrumental to its development. This is usually done as means of incentive/encouragement.


Bond Trustee

Our presence as a trustee in the bond transaction helps to promote investor’s confidence and ensures probity and accountability on the Issuer.


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