Private Trust

A trust is an arrangement whereby legal ownership of certain assets are transferred by you (the "Settlor") to us (the Trustee) to be held for the benefit of your selected beneficiaries.

What it offers you:

  • Helps you preserve family wealth and facilitates intergenerational wealth transfer:
    • Trust funds accumulated over a lifetime are not divided up amongst your beneficiaries after you have passed on but are retained as one fund to accumulate more wealth. Funds will have provision for payment to members of the family as the need arises while preserving some funds to continue growing.


  • You get to avoid the expense and delay of probate (legal confirmation process):
    • Establishing a trust enables you to avoid probate processes and the expenses related to it. This is because your passing doesn’t affect your trust property which will continue to be held and managed by the trustee or as directed by you in accordance with the terms of the trust.


  • Estate plan:
    • Your requests are carried out and in the case of a living trust, you will receive first-hand experience of how your wishes are adhered to.


  • Asset protection:
    • Existence of a trust protects your assets from creditors, unscrupulous business partners, immature family members or untrustworthy executors after you pass on.


  • Confidentiality:
    • Trusts help keep the details of your assets confidential.
    • Your assets will not go through Probate, a public procedure that allows State authorities to list your assets so the property can be assessed for estate duty and transferred to the beneficiaries as stated in the will.

What you need:

Contact us to discuss and determine your needs and the trust structure appropriate for you. You can appoint us as trustees for your trust by putting it in writing.

Click here to access a sample of a mandate letter

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